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Rachel Andres: Brother Knows Best In Terms Of Vision

Sometimes, brothers know best, too!

It was Rachel Andres’, one of our patients, brother who recommended LASIK to her and the rest were all satisfaction.

From a 425 eye grade with astigmatism pre-LASIK, she now enjoys a 20/12 vision!

“My brother recommended LASIK to me and I did it! I expected a 20/20 vision but even got results beyond that, a 20/12 vision! I’m so satisfied!” expressed Rachel, who is a Customer Service Representative.

Before that, Rachel shared how she’s been ailing with her then poor vision for the longest time.

“Imagine, my vision since birth, especially my left eye, was blurry and really dark because of my astigmatism. I’ve been wearing eyeglasses since I was in Grade 6. My eye grade back then was 425.”

Like her brother, she also wants to recommend Shinagawa to those who want a bright vision.

“I can really recommend Shinagawa Lasik Center, too!”

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