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Do You Have Sensitive or Sensitized Skin?

Our skincare routine goes through changes just like we do. Sometimes, it’s angry and irritating, other times it’s soft and cuddly.

The hard part of distinguishing between sensitive and sensitized skin is that they have similar symptoms and appearances like itching, burning, swelling, redness, rashes, breakouts, dehydration, and uneven texture.

What’s the difference between sensitive and sensitized skin?

Sensitive skin

  • Tends to have less pigment in the skin and a thinner epidermis
  • Weaker/compromised skin barrier function
  • More of a genetic condition and something we’re born with

Sensitized Skin

  • A temporary condition
  • Caused by overusing chemical exfoliants or acne treatments which can dry out the skin and compromise the skin barrier
  • Can be healed and restored by certain ingredients and treatments

Ingredients that help soothe and restore skin barrier:

  • Centella Asiatica
  • Ceramides
  • Calendula
  • Green Tea
  • Oat Kernel Extract

The question now is, how can we help soothe and heal your skin back to normal?

Sensitive or sensitized, our doctors can take a look at your skin and develop a treatment plan that can bring out your brightest glow.

Schedule a derma consultation with us and get started! Call our Patient Care Lines: (+632) 7-368 5238 l (+63) 917 862 7454 l (+63) 921 217 0517 for inquiries and appointments.

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