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Separating Eye Facts From Myths

For sure you’ve heard numerous sayings and theories about eyes and vision. However, do you have any idea which of them are facts and myths?

Different sources, different thoughts, and theories but it is quite important to know what’s real in order to take proper care of your eyes.

Here are some concluded myths and facts regarding your eyes:

Myth: Constantly reading in dim light can damage your eyes.

Fact: Even though your eyes can feel strain or be tired out of it, reading in dim light doesn’t necessarily cause damage to your eyes.

Myth: Sitting too close to the television will do harm to your eyes.

Fact: Actually, there is no evidence that sitting relatively close to the TV can cause pain to your eyes.

Myth: Crossing your eyes may cause them to stay that way.

Fact: Not really. Though that can cause a headache or temporary discomfort, your eyes won’t stay that way. However, there is a condition called strabismus, wherein eyes naturally appear crossed all the time.

Myth: Looking directly into the sun can damage your eyes.

Fact: It’s simple. It’s never a good idea to look into the sun directly. The intensity that the Ultraviolet (UV) light can most certainly cause blindness and has also been linked to other eye disorders such as corneal dystrophy, solar retinitis, and macular degeneration. That’s why it’s also important for you to make sure you wear shades as much as possible to protect your eyes from the wrath of the sun.

Myth: The use of Contact Lens can help weaken one’s eyesight.

Fact: Contact Lenses don’t necessarily weaken one’s vision, however, poorly fitting contacts, and overuse of them, can be harmful to your cornea.

Use those myths and facts to your advantage and make sure you take care of your eyes and visualize the right way.

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