Adult Male Acne Treatment

The Most Effective Adult Male Acne Treatment

Men’s acne is hormone-related, so it’s treated differently and  Vice versa.

Women can balance hormones with birth control pills or spironolactone, which prevents testosterone from affecting the hair follicle.

The following are the most prevalent and important strategies:

Topical medications

Men and women typically use many of the same treatments, because men’s skin is a little oilier than women’s skin, doctors can often be a little more aggressive and use stronger topical treatments because their skin is a little more resilient. These could include over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide or prescription retinoids.


Antibiotics for acne are starting to lose favor. Doctors now know that “chronic courses” of antibiotics (three months or longer) increase your risk of bacterial resistance. When you get a serious infection like MRSA and need hospitalization and IV antibiotics, that becomes a problem. It’s advised to use the smallest amount of antibiotics for the shortest time.


If acne does not improve after one course of oral antibiotics, isotretinoin, drug that shrinks oil pores, is usually prescribed instead of more antibiotics.

Two common reasons men’s acne flares up

Lastly, it’s important to note that there are two common pitfalls that lead to worsened breakouts in men.


The use of corticosteroids, such as prednisone or dexamethasone, for anti-inflammatory purposes or to treat specific endocrine-type abnormalities can lead to exacerbations, To make matters worse, many athletes resort to anabolic steroids if they want to gain muscle mass or strength more quickly. Acne will surely worsen under those conditions.

Greasy skin products

If you use hair care products that get onto your face — whether on your hair or your facial hair — you can plug your hair follicles and invite acne to rear its ugly head. (That includes beard oils and waxes!)

More skincare companies are marketing men’s products.
Women always look for “non-comedogenic” or “pore-clogging” makeup and facial care products, but men don’t buy non-comedogenic products.

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