Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Right

Why Your Makeup Doesn’t Look Right

Sometimes, there are days where your makeup looks off.

Despite your best efforts in putting and designing them while allotting significant time for your fix, there are times that you just can’t get it right.

There are probable reasons for that.

In such cases that you’re doing your face wrong, try to check these wrong makeup habits and helpful makeup tips:

Liquid Foundation on a Woman's Face

1. Foundation Color Mismatch – Avoid using a foundation that does not match the color of your skin. It causes demarcation lines between your face, chest, and neck. Make sure you get the right shade upon shopping for a foundation and swipe a sample first to see its fit.

Face Concealer

2. Light Eye Concealer – When putting a concealer under your eye, make sure it is not too light. Combine a peach-toned concealer and a liquid concealer with light-reflecting particles to cancel out darkness and match your skin tone accordingly.

Foundation Application on the Face

3. Skipping Ears in Applying Foundation – It’s a no-no to skip your ears when you apply your foundation around your face. You should make sure you run your brush around and over your ears for your skin to match your face.

4. False Lashes, False Look – When using false lashes, make sure they are used and applied the right way. A wrong application can provide an unnatural look. It is best to apply the band of lashes close to your lash line then, apply eyeliner afterward over it.

Make-Up Brush

5. Wrong Placed Blush – The aim of blush is to showcase flushed cheeks. Therefore, it should be rightfully placed on the cheek and not too close to the nose as that would beat its purpose.

Wrong Application of Lipstick

6. Scattered Lipstick All Over – Always keep your lipstick in place. It ruins your entire get-up once it scatters all over. Help from a clear lip liner will do wonders.

Eyeshadow Application

7. Overdoing Your Brows – Sometimes, there are tendencies to over-pluck your eyebrows and that results in a backward step in terms of your facial look. Most of the time, less is more as a light dusting of brow powder is more than enough to get your brows fixed. Your brows are meant to look feathery and natural, don’t overdo them.

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