Eyes and Your Health: Easy-to-Spot Warning Signs

Your eyes are windows to your soul, so goes the saying. Aside from revealing your emotions and thoughts, they also tell a lot about your overall state of health. Because of this, it’s important to detect eye abnormalities.

Here are 6 common eye irregularities that often reflect an underlying health problem:

Sudden Blurry Vision

  1. Sudden Blurry Vision. Weakening vision is normal as you age, but an abrupt blurriness in vision is usually triggered by a faulty blood flow to your eye or your brain. This could be a warning of a stroke or the beginning of a migraine headache.Stye and Eyelid Sore
  1. Stye and Eyelid Sore. A stye is a painful, red, crusty bump on your eyelid, which is usually caused by a blocked sebaceous gland. However, if the stye pops up often or persists for a long time, it can be a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma. Likewise, an eyelid sore that doesn’t heal can be a sign of basal cell carcinoma, especially if it is accompanied by the loss of eyelashes. Eyelid cancer can cause disfigurement, blindness, and death if they reach the brain through the eye socket.
    Eye twitching
  1. Eye Twitching. Eyelid myokymia is usually not serious and goes away by its own. It is commonly associated with alcohol and caffeine intake, fatigue, or smoking. In rare cases, however, it can be a sign of nervous system disorders, like multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease especially if the eye twitching is accompanied by difficulties in walking and talking.
    Bulging Eyes
  1. Bulging Eyes. Exophthalmos or bulging eyes can be a symptom of Graves’ disease, which is caused by hyperthyroidism. The bulging effect occurs when the tissues around the eyes are inflamed. Other illnesses that lead to exophthalmos include glaucoma, hemangioma, histiocytosis, leukemia, cellulitis, and childhood cancers, like neuroblastoma, retinoblastoma, and rhabdomyosarcoma.Yellow Eyes
  2. Yellow Eyes. If your liver is inflamed or damaged, your skin and eyes appear yellow as a result of high levels of bilirubin in your blood. This condition is more commonly known as jaundice. Cancer, hepatitis infection, alcohol abuse, and bad diet often lead to liver problems.
    Droopy Eyelids
  1. Droopy Eyelids. Ptosis or droopy eyelids can be a symptom of myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disease characterized by muscle weakness. It doesn’t only affect your eyes but also your facial and throat muscles, making it difficult to swallow and speak. If ptosis manifests with aneisocoria (pupils of different sizes), it is called Horner’s syndrome, which is sometimes associated with aneurysms and tumors in the neck.

Not all eye irregularities with underlying health warnings are visible to the naked eye. There are many others that can only be diagnosed with a professional eye exam. Learn more about this in next blog, coming soon.

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