Why You Should Go To A LASIK and Aesthetics Clinic This Year

The Christmas season is over and for sure, you have enjoyed all the food, music and activities in the parties you and your family and/or friends had attended. You have participated in preparations, stayed awake at night just to come up with different ideas to perk up your celebrations. After the holidays, you were already wasted and feel exhausted. Maybe you had gained eye bags, wrinkles and blemishes.



Now is the perfect time to: RESTORE. RENEW. REVAMP your overall health.


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Eye Health

Most people with blurry eyesight wear contact lenses or eyeglasses. But now, there is a solution to having clearer eyesight, without using them.

When it comes to eye health, you should check out the newest technology: Z Prime LASIK. The Z Prime LASIK Femto LDV (named after Leonardo Da Vinci) Z6, is a real breakthrough in femtosecond laser technology.

It is safe, fast, and reliable. The unique laser source and architecture enable surgeons to perform the operation. You can be assured that you are in safe hands. It offers ‘exceptional health care.’ It is well thought-out as an ultimate femto technology for cornea.

According to the blog about Femtolasik: Compared to older femtosecond lasers, the new FEMTO LDV Z6 uses extremely fast, short pulses of low range pulsed light, which allows a faster creation of the corneal flap – the initial step of the LASIK procedure. It also provides less energy to the eye, resulting to a less chance of any side effects and a faster healing for a clearer vision in a shorter time frame. 

With the Z Prime LASIK, there is NO FEAR, NO WORRY, NO SCARE.

Brighter Sight:


Clearer eyesight will give you confidence to do tasks in a different level.

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 ”Life is like a puzzle. Messy close-up, jumbled pieces, but if you step out from the picture, you will see that all of those tiny jagged pieces will fit together. You just have to discover the pattern for you to be able to fix it and get the whole picture.”

Faster Absorption and Understanding of Information

With LASIK-restored eyes, you will be able to read information quickly, grasp the meaning and read more in order to deepen and widen your understanding and comprehension.

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Increase Productivity

Achieve greater results with clearer eyesight. Finish all your paper works in a flash without the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses.4124617488-(1) (1)Revitalized Skin

The process of skin rejuvenation for aesthetics: removal, shedding, exfoliation, unmasking and renewal have good effects on the body. Eliminating dead skin cells, moisturizing, and skin hydration increases blood circulation, therefore giving a person a sound body, and a refreshed feeling, ready to take on the world again!839987

Rediscover a healthier you this 2016! See brighter with the new Femto LDV LASIK treatment and reveal a skin with a more youthful glow, with Aesthetics!

Perform your job, tasks, stints, and activities with a replenished tank of energy, brought by the assurance of clearer eyesight and renewed skin!


In everything that you do,



If you have problems and discomfort with your eyes and sight, Shinagawa LASIK is ready to see if you are a LASIK eye surgery candidate. LASIK is for farsightedness and nearsightedness with very minimal risks and side effects.

For your fix in terms of your skin and overall appearance, Shinagawa’s aesthetic center for cosmetic and plastic surgery is well-equipped to cater your needs.



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